October: Fall, Harvest Time - Practical Actions For Your Life
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Did You Know? 1 in 8 Women Develop Breast Cancer
October 2014


California Events

Meet Chloe in Person!

This month Chloe Waller, Community Relations Manager in Southern California is attending several local events and would love to chat it up with you!  Mark your calendar and learn more about donating your body to science at these great events:

Lakewood YMCA:

  • October 8th, 11:30am

  • E. Carson St., Lakewood

  • Presentation

St. Andrew's Healthcare Family Council:

  • October 20th, 1 pm

  • 2300 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles

  • Featured Speaker!

National Association of Social Workers Conference:

  • October 24th, 8am-4pm

  • Burbank Marriott Hotel

  • 2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank

  • Science Care booth



Breast Cancer Awareness

Ladies, this is important!

Talk to your friends, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, nieces and co-workers. 
Show you care. Start the discussion.
Ask: "Have you done your self exam this month?"


But ladies take heart!


Since 1989 death rates due to breast cancer have been decreasing. These decreases are thought to be the result of treatment advances, earlier detection through screening, and increased awareness. And guess what!? Science Care donors are helping to lead in the fight against the devastation of breast cancer.  Just this year alone, donors have been part of hands on surgical training for physicians performing lumpectomies and mastectomies.  As well, researchers are working with Science Care donor tissue to develop new techniques to examine tumor margins. The hope is to reduce the spread of cancer after a lumpectomy procedure. 

We can all be a part of the movement to eradicate death due to breast cancer.  Join the registry of Science Care donors or share this message with your loved ones and let's take real action toward a cure!


Harvest Time


This is the time of year to take some time to think back over the year and take stock of what you have grown in your life and the results your actions all year long have generated. Whether considering your home, family, friends, hobbies, work, intellectual pursuits, financial security, creativity or emotional aspects…this time of year is a great reminder to pause and reap what you have sown. What have your focused much of your time on over the past year? What results did that effort and attention generate?

What areas were neglected and perhaps did not flourish as you would have liked? Taking some time to contemplate progress and growth in your life and discuss with peers, friends and family will help you to recognize and assimilate some important learning which can be applied in future years. Living a life of intention first requires that we observe.


Then it’s time for celebration! It is so important to savor the good and beautiful things in life.  As Americans in an ever faster technological age we are finding it harder and harder to really relax and enjoy life's gems. Carve out time to enjoy the successes in your life over this past year. Make a list...


  • Landed a new exciting job?
  • Finished that long overdue dream novel?
  • Spent lots of quality time with kids and grandkids?
  • Kicked off a meditation practice?
  • Opened a savings account (finally!)?
  • Reduced the amount of times you and the hubby eat out each week?
  • Checked off #67 on your Bucketlist? (bungee jumping!)

…whatever you achieved this past year, enjoy and share in those successes with others. The true joy in living comes from sharing the good times in life with those we love and care about.


When the celebratory hangover is gone, it’s a great time to think back over those areas of your life that you wish had gone better. Not to dwell but to analyze a bit and see if there are a couple of key actions you can put into place for the next year to get you closer to your ideal. For example, suppose you really wanted to spend more time with friends this year but due to health issues and stress on the job you just didn’t do it. Well, no time like the present to kick it into gear with some concrete actions to jump start you toward that ideal life you’ve always dreamed of.


Sowing new seeds is only step one of the harvest cycle…in order to reach a successful harvest you must nurture your seeds. Actively make the effort to nurture your dreams, goals and aspirations. Take time regularly to make forward progress. So let's go back to the example above: Get on the phone and make a couple of dates with friends to hang out, go to the movies, grab a bite, whatever you enjoy doing. Put it on your smart phone calendar with a reminder the week before so you can’t let it sneak up on you! Set up systems for success to support you and your dreams. Maybe have a friend partner with you to arrange group outings throughout the year. Share in your desire to forge fun and meaningful relationships with friends…others will want to share in that goal with you! By nurturing your own personal ideals and goals you can help inspire others to nurture and grow theirs. Thus sharing in the bounty of the harvest.  


Nifty Online Tools

Hey we all need a little kick start sometimes!  You may want to utilize some outside help to realize success with your personal life goals.

  • Check out the interactive Bucketlist site.
  • Structure goals and actions for success at MindTools
  • Bring your dreams to life with crowd funding at KickStarter
  • SlideShare below - Achieving Your Goals in 9 Simple Steps:


Download FREE Checklist

Handy checklist for you or to share!  Helps you ask the important questions when comparing whole body donor programs. 

Check it out here and feel empowered.

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