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Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Donor Impact

As you probably already know, October is breast cancer awareness month. The time of year when various national public service organizations, professional medical associations and government agencies all work together to promote breast cancer awareness, raise funds and hopefully get closer to finding a cure. Everywhere you look, people are wearing pink, participating in awareness events and contributing to the cause.


Throughout the years, there have been many advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, and Science Care whole body donors have done their part to help make these advancements possible. Donors are helping researchers and medical device companies develop new types of breast biopsy instruments for image-guided procedures. Instruments like these improve diagnosis and the treatment options for those suffering from ailments of the breast region such as cancer. Research scientists are also working on promising targeted gene therapies, immunotherapy treatments and improvements in chemotherapy treatments.

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Video Inspiration

See how a teenager who was born deaf is now able to hear with her brain.



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Honoring Service Members: November 11, Veterans Day

To honor the thousands of United States veterans who selflessly chose to donate their bodies to medical science and research, Science Care is creating an online Veterans Memorial Wall. This memorial wall will serve as a tribute to these brave service men and women who not only served in life, but after life as well. The memorial will be a dedicated page on the Science Care website honoring these veterans. The memorial will stay on the website through the month of November, highlighted by a special flag planting (or placement) ceremony on November 10 (the day prior to Veterans Day) at a local Phoenix area park. On this day, Science Care staff will place flags in the ground, honoring the more than 1,000 donor veterans who gave of themselves over the past year.

Vet_Image_StatueIf you have a loved-one who served in the armed-forces and participated in either Science Care’s or a university’s donor program, we invite you to add their name, rank and photo to our Veterans Memorial Wall. We also invite any registered donors who wish to recognize a relative who served and has passed on to participate as well.  

If you would like to participate and honor a loved-one who has passed and who served in the armed-forces, you may send us the information here. 



Science Care FAQ 

Who exactly is your legal next of kin?

We get asked this question a lot, as most people are unfamiliar with who their next of kin are in the eyes of the law. Your legal next of kin would typically be your closest relatives, as defined by state law. Most states recognize the spouse and the nearest blood relatives as next of kin. If you have chosen to register as a whole body donor, we strongly advise that you discuss your wishes with your legal next of kin, as they will be involved in the donation process once passing occurs. In the donor process, the primary responsibilities of your legal next of kin are:

  • Calling Science Care at the time of passing
  • Providing information about the donor's medical history
  • Providing information for the Death Certificate
  • Completing authorization forms for Donation & Cremation

If you have any questions about your legal next of kin, please contact us at 800.417.3747. We're here to help.


Notes From Our Readers - What's Your Motivation?

"I have lived my entire life with a chronic illness… I recently had a downward spiral of kidney failure where I was told that the Lupus was now affecting my kidneys. I also at the same time found out that I had a damaged liver with a rare condition that there is no cure for either. This news made me think about life and decisions of afterlife. If my donation can be used to find more out about the disease process, or can help future generations not feel the frustration that I have of hearing the terms "we just don't know", "this is rare" "there is no cure" then I want to be a part of such a program. Maybe hope can evolve into reality if more people donate to medical research."  Melisa H. – Pennsylvania
Know Someone That Wants to Join the Registry?

Pre-registration is open for residents of Arizona, California, Colorado,
Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania & Texas. We also just added Delaware!


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If you are a healthcare worker or associated with the healthcare industry, we invite you to sign up for our monthly email highlighting important information about working with Science Care and patient referrals. 



5 Major Breast Cancer Advancements

There are an estimated 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S., a testament to the more than 25-year decline in mortality, according to the American Cancer Society. Check out these 5 major medical advancements reported on by the Huffington Post



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