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Science Care News - October 2017


Remember When "50 Years Ago" October 1967

  • Topping the Billboard Music Charts were “The Letter” by The Box Tops and “To Sir With Love” by Lulu
  • Thurgood Marshall was sworn in to office as the first African-American justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Flying an X-15 experimental aircraft, Air Force Major William "Pete" Knight made the fastest flight of a powered aircraft, at a speed of Mach 6.72 (about 7,200 km/h) 
  • Actress Elizabeth Taylor escaped death while in Sardinia for the filming of the movie “Boom!” Taylor had just stepped out of a trailer that served as her dressing room, when the vehicle's brakes and safety blocks failed, sending it over a 150-foot high embankment into the Mediterranean Sea
  • Guerrilla leader Che Guevara was captured by the 2nd Battalion of the Bolivian Rangers. He would be executed a day after capture
  • The St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Boston Red Sox, 7 to 2, to win the World Series in the deciding 7th game. Bob Gibson, who had pitched the Cardinals to wins in Game 1 and Game 4, allowed only three hits in winning Game 7 (Oct 12)
  • The American Basketball Association, a challenger to the NBA, played its very first game
  • The Chicago Bulls, the 10th and newest franchise of the National Basketball Association, played their very first game (Oct 14)
  • Stop the Draft Week" was launched in front of the induction centers of 30 American cities, by thousands Vietnam protesters. In Oakland, 600 demonstrators blocked the entrance of that city's center, including singer and activist Joan Baez, who was one of 125 people arrested
  • The first "rock musical", Hair, premiered at the theater inside the Astor Library in New York City's East Village
  • The Soviet Union's Venera 4 probe became the first craft from Earth to land on Venus
  • Walt Disney's 19th full-length animated feature The Jungle Book, the last animated film personally supervised by Disney, was released 
  • Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin filmed an unidentified animal near Bluff Creek, California, which has been claimed to be "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch"
  • U.S. Navy pilot John McCain III was shot down over North Vietnam and taken prisoner

 (Sources: Billboard / Wikipedia)



Common Misconceptions about Body Donation

There are a few common misconceptions about body donation for medical research, education and training.  When we speak to families and potential donors about donation we are educating and ensuring they understand exactly what the program is and is not.


  • The Science Care program is not for transplant of tissues into living persons.  Donors support research and training only. Science Care supports life-saving donation above donation for research and we collaborate with transplant organizations to allow for both types to occur.
  • Science Care does not perform research into the cause of death or perform autopsies.
  • Science Care medical clients are often seeking healthy tissues to study or develop treatments, implants, and surgical devices. Some clients are searching for cures or better treatments to disease.
  • You’re never too old. Potential donors often say, “Oh you don’t want this old broken down body!”…actually many people meet criteria for donation, including people with cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes. There is no upper age limit on donation and our oldest participant to date was 108 years young!
  • You can still have a memorial service. In fact, many Science Care donor families choose to do just that. Cremated remains are returned to families within 3 to 5 weeks of donation.

Regardless of what types of research and training projects donors are able to participate in, each donor directly contributes to advancements in healthcare for us all and leaves a legacy of hope for future generations.

To learn more call 24 hours a day at 800.417.3747.






We’ve Got the Skinny on Cheese…

Is cheese healthy?

(CNN) - Yes, cheese is nutrient-rich -- and tasty -- but it's best to consume it in small portions.  

"Cheese does contain some important nutrients, including calcium and protein, along with vitamin B12 and zinc. However, the calories can add up quickly if you aren't mindful," said Kelly Pritchett, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Read more... 


Like it or not: Broccoli may be good for the gut

(Penn State University) - For the broccoli haters of the world, researchers may have more bad news: the vegetable may also help promote a healthy gut.

In a study, when mice ate broccoli with their regular diet, they were better able to tolerate digestive issues similar to symptoms of leaky gut and colitis than mice that were not placed on a broccoli-supplemented diet, according to Gary Perdew, the John T. and Paige S. Smith Professor in Agricultural Sciences, Penn State. He added that other vegetables, like brussels sprouts and cauliflower, may also have similar gut health properties. Read more...


Study shows stress could be just as unhealthy as junk food

(BYU) - In a new paper published in Nature Scientific Reports, BYU professor of microbiology and molecular biology Laura Bridgewater found that when female mice were exposed to stress, their gut microbiota — the microorganisms vital to digestive and metabolic health — changed to look like the mice had been eating a high-fat diet. Read more...


Men develop irregular heartbeat earlier than women; extra weight a factor

(American Heart Association) - Men develop a type of irregular heartbeat, known as atrial fibrillation, about a decade earlier than women on average, and being overweight is a major risk factor, according to a large new study published in the American Heart Association's journal Circulation. Read more...



Recent Medical Projects  

Science Care Donor Contributions to the Medical Community

Every day, Science Care donors are making contributions towards the advancement of medicine. Here are a few recent contributions you might want to know about. 

Recent Projects:

  • Scientific research used for the development of surgical instrumentation that will aid in the treatment of cancer and other diseases impacting the colon. As the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women this research stands to impact thousands.
  • Research to improve the common treatments for Rhinitis. Rhinitis is the irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane inside the nose.
  • Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) is a surgery designed to relieve spinal cord or nerve root pressure in the neck by removing all or part of the damaged disc to relieve the pressure and associated pain. Surgeons test minimally invasive alternatives to traditional ACDF surgery for radiculopathy patients.
  • Ongoing research and development for the improvement of rotator cuff repair with orthopedic surgeons.





Untitled design (2).jpg

What Is Candy Corn Actually Made Of?

( - Whether you can’t wait to get your hands on these sweet, chewy kernels or there’s no Halloween candy you like less, candy corn is everywhere come fall. Invented back in the 1880s by the Wunderlee Candy Company, according to the National Confectioners Association, candy corn has now become a staple of the season (watch the video)…


The Surprising Medical Origins of Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, and More Spooky Characters

( - Spooky, paranormal stories are inspired by strangeness in the world around us. Light in the night sky? Must be a UFO. Curious shape beneath the surface of the lake? Gotta be the Loch Ness Monster. As these scary tales are passed between storytellers, they snowball into haunting sagas that can completely derail what would have otherwise been a perfectly good night's sleep. But they all start somewhere, and in some cases, the origin stories are even more interesting than the legends themselves (watch the video)…



Share this webpage and guide with friends and family. It gives a great overview and comparison on the various end of life options for anyone who has yet to make plans or have the end of life discussion.

A Comparison Guide: Burial, Cremations and Donation



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