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Science Care Registers More than 25K Donors for Whole Body Donation in 2018

( - Whole body donation gains momentum as an end-of-life option for families...

Alleviating the Cost of Dying

(Healthcare Business Today) - Dying has never been so expensive. There’s end-of-life care, the transfer of remains, and other service fees — all before the cost of disposing of the body. How you choose to be laid to rest can be an added stress to family during an already tragic time... 


Announcing the Science Care Hospice Heroes 2018 Awards Program!

If you work in the hospice industry or have recently been through the hospice process with a loved-one and would like to nominate a Hospice Hero, please visit our website. We are accepting nominations for hospice workers who have upheld the highest standards of care and service excellence this year.



November Health Observances

November's a big month for health awareness campaigns. These are some of the bigger observances happening. Learn more about how you can help spread the word.

American Diabetes Month

COPD Awareness Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month

National Family Caregivers Month

National Hospice and Palliative Care Month


Health News


It’s That Time of the Year Again – Cold and Flu Season

Here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions about colds and the flu from Harvard Medical School.


Cancer Stem Cells Get Energy from Protein, and it’s Proving to be Their Achilles’ Heel

(University of Colorado Cancer Center) - A University of Colorado Cancer Center study shows that cancer stem cells switch from metabolizing sugar to metabolizing protein, or more precisely amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Healthy cells don’t need to metabolize protein. The current study shows that cancer stem cells do need to metabolize protein. And this difference is proving to be an Achilles’ heel that allows researchers to target cancer stem cells without harming healthy cells. (Read more)


Scientists Use Patients’ Own Cells and Materials to Engineer Fully Personalized Tissue Implants of Any Kind

(Tel Aviv University – American Friends) - In a new study, Tel Aviv University researchers reveal how they invented the first fully personalized tissue implant, engineered from a patient's own materials and cells. The new technology makes it possible to engineer any kind of tissue implant from one small fatty tissue biopsy. (Read more)


New Physical Activity Guidelines Urge Americans: Move More, Sit Less

(NPR) - Compared with 1960, workers in the U.S. burn about 140 fewer calories, on average, per day due to our sedentary office jobs. The good news is that we can offset the damage by adding more physical activity to our days. The federal government has just updated recommendations for physical activity for the first time in 10 years, essentially to get that message across. (Read more)


Fish Oil, Vitamin D No Help for Heart Risk, Cancer

(WebMD) - A widely anticipated study has concluded that neither vitamin D nor fish oil supplements prevent cancer or serious heart-related problems in healthy older people, according to research presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions. Researchers defined serious heart problems as the combined rate of heart attacks, stroke and heart-related deaths. (Read more)



Remember When "50 Years Ago" Nov 1968

  • Topping the Billboard Music Charts in November 1968 was Hey Jude by The Beatles.

  • Republican Party nominee Richard M. Nixon was elected President of the United States, defeating incumbent Vice President and Democrat Hubert H. Humphrey, and Independent Party candidate George C. Wallace.

  • Shirley Chisholm of Brooklyn, New York became the first African-American woman to be elected to the United States Congress.

  • The divorce between the Beatles' John Lennon and his first wife, Cynthia Lennon, became official, a little more than five months after Cynthia had returned to the couple's home and found that Yoko Ono had moved in.

  • The most widely felt earthquake in United States history, noticed by millions of people in portions of 23 states, struck at 11:02 in the morning Central Time, with an epicenter in Hamilton County, IL. The tremors caused damage and injuries as far away as St. Louis and shaking in Chicago.

  • NASA announced that it would launch three astronauts to be the first persons ever to orbit the Moon, probably on December 21, for a six-day mission on Apollo 8.

  • Yale University announced that it would admit female students for the first time in its 267 year history, beginning with the 1969-1970 academic year. 

  • What would become known as "The Heidi Game" in professional football history took place when NBC abruptly halted its broadcast the game between the Oakland Raiders and New York Jets, in order to telecast its scheduled Sunday night movie, Heidi.

  • The Beatles released what would become unofficially known as the White Album, although its official title was simply "The Beatles", and it was a double album.

  • Pan Am Flight 281 from New York City to San Juan, Puerto Rico was hijacked by four of its 78 passengers, and landed in Havana, Cuba.


 (Sources: Wikipedia / Billboard)



Recent Medical Projects  

Science Care Donor Contributions to the Medical Community

Every day, Science Care donors are making contributions towards the advancement of medicine. Here are a few recent contributions you might want to know about. 

Recent Projects:

  •  A facility involved in the continuing medical education of practicing orthopedic surgeons. Topics of instruction include ACL reconstruction, PCL reconstruction, arthroscopic meniscal repair, and osteochondral grafting and repair. This allows orthopedic surgeons to improve their skills in an environment that closely simulates true surgical conditions.

  • A hospital cardiac surgeon currently investigating a novel prosthetic heart valve. The aortic valve will be dilated with a catheter mounted and prosthetic valve implanted in the aortic position. The relationship of the mitral valve, aortic valve, and the coronary ostia will be examined. The goal of this type of investigation is to lead to improved treatments by providing viable learning and testing models for surgeons prior to device implantation in living patients.


Share this webpage and guide with friends and family. It gives a great overview and comparison on the various end of life options for anyone who has yet to make plans or have the end of life discussion.

A Comparison Guide: Burial, Cremations and Donation




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