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 Health News & Notes


How post-traumatic growth changes your perspective on death

(KTAR – Phoenix) - There’s a trending term for “turning lemons into lemonade” and it’s called Post-Traumatic Growth. You may be more familiar with the term Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is a mental health problem people experience after a traumatic life event. But Post-Traumatic Growth is an opportunity to grow after facing a life-altering situation. Some people are finding strength and empowerment through their trauma and experiencing some incredible results. Read more...


New compound shown to be as effective as FDA-approved drugs against life-threatening infections; tests indicate it is less susceptible to resistance

(Purdue University) - Purdue University researchers have identified a new compound that in preliminary testing has shown itself to be as effective as antibiotics approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat life-threatening infections while also appearing to be less susceptible to bacterial resistance. Read more...


Harvard scientists aim to reverse diabetes with 'Surgery In A Pill'

(WBUR Public Radio Boston) - Imagine a pre-meal pill that can reverse Type 2 diabetes, with no lasting side effects. It sounds like the ramblings of a far-out futurist. But study results released this week suggest it may be possible. Read more...


North Texas mother donates kidney to daughter in live-streamed surgery

(Fox 7 Austin) - A North Texas mother donated a kidney to her daughter in a transplant procedure streamed live on Facebook. Cedar Hill resident Jessica Gutierrez, 20, was the recipient of the organ. Her mother decided to give one of her kidneys to her daughter after finding out she was a match. The operation was streamed live by Methodist Dallas Hospital. Read more...


Pioneering surgery makes a prosthetic foot feel like the real thing

(STAT) - For hours on end last year, Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers ran the brain-controlled robotic limb through its paces, testing its capabilities on a series of patients and fine-tuning it like a pit crew preparing a race car for the Indy 500. Read more...


Latest heart valve treatment allows more patients to avoid open-heart surgery

(Washington Post) - TAVR involves threading a catheter tipped with a replacement valve through a blood vessel to the heart, where the surgeon pushes the old valve open, places the new one inside, and expands it to fit. The old valve remains, but the new one takes over its work. Surgeons now use TAVR only for aortic valves, but experts hope there will be a role for it in replacing other valves. Read more...



Watch Out!


Scammers trick seniors with ‘free’ medical devices, then bill Medicare

(Columbus Dispatch) - Anne Fredrickson, who advocates for Medicare recipients in Ohio, said telemarketers call seniors asking about their pain. And if they get an affirmative response, the devices are sent and billed to Medicare.

“It’s one of the biggest scams going on all over the country right now,” said Fredrickson, who manages the Ohio Senior Medicare Patrol program at the Cincinnati-based Pro Seniors. “We get a call about every week from someone that’s being solicited.” Read more...



Remember When "50 Years Ago" June 1968

  • Topping the Billboard Music Charts June 1968 were “Mrs. Robinson” by Simon & Garfunkel and “This Guy’s In Love With You” by Herb Alpert

  • Moments after thanking supporters for his win in the California primary, Senator Robert F. Kennedy was shot and fatally wounded while walking through a corridor at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

  • Helen Keller, 87, American author, political activist, and lecturer, and the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts qualification, died at her estate near Easton, Connecticut.

  • Valerie Solanas shot and almost killed pop artist Andy Warhol after following him into his studio, "The Factory", in New York City.

  • The first Legoland amusement park was opened in Billund, Denmark, where the Lego Group company headquarters was located.

  • James Earl Ray was arrested at Heathrow Airport in London for the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Ray was spotted while preparing to board an airplane to fly to Brussels. 

  • Dr. Benjamin Spock, a pediatrician famous for the child-raising guide "The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care", was convicted by a 12-man federal jury in Boston for conspiracy to disrupt the selective service process, along with three of his four co-defendants.

  • The U.S. Open golf tournament was won by Lee Trevino after he became the first golfer to shoot under par in all four of the 18-hole rounds of the event (69-68-68-69).

  • Bobby Bonds made his Major League Baseball debut and hit a grand slam in his first game, becoming only the second major league player (after Bill Duggleby in 1898) to do so.

  • The island of Iwo Jima and the Bonin Islands were returned to Japan after 23 years of occupation by the United States Navy, and Japanese citizens were allowed to return


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Recent Medical Projects  

Science Care Donor Contributions to the Medical Community

Every day, Science Care donors are making contributions towards the advancement of medicine. Here are a few recent contributions you might want to know about. 

Recent Projects:

  • Training and skills development for physicians on ankle procedures to improve surgical outcomes of patients in the future.

  • Research involving the testing and design of novel medical devices being evaluated in the treatment of cardiac diseases and the safe instruction of physicians in their use.

  • A medical research laboratory currently involved in the design, development and testing of the femoral component of total hip replacements. The goal of this work is to develop a more durable implant.


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