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Thank you for your interest in creating a memorial tribute for your loved-one to be placed on the Science Care website. Without the generous gift of body donation, many advancements in medicine simply would not be possible. The Science Care Donor Memorial Tribute program gives us the opportunity to recognize donors in a lasting way, and provides you the opportunity to share a story or information about the person your loved-one was, so that others may read about them.

To submit your memorial tribute, simply complete the form on the right. Including a photo is optional, however we encourage you to do so. Your tribute story can be anything you would like your loved-one to be remembered for. You can share a personal story, tell us about thier life, or just tell us something that made them special to you and others. Please note that the donor tribute section of the Science Care website will be active by mid-May. 



By submitting your information, you are authorizing Science Care to post the story, names and photo on www.sciencecare.com. Please note that by sending us the image, you are stating that you have ownership of the photo and that you are granting us permission to publish the photo on the Science Care website. 

We reserve the right to edit the story or information as needed and make no guarantees that submitted information will be published. 

If you should ever change your mind and would like the tribute you submitted removed, please contact us at info@sciencecare.com to request removal. 


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