Science Care Accredited Non-transplant Tissue Banks

We know you care about quality, safety and availability of tissue to support your specific medical research and educational needs. You can count on Science Care to provide the safety, security, consistency and reliability you need.


  1. We can provide a wide-range of tissue specimens, from full cadavers to the cellular level
  2. We have the scope and scale to support both large and small requests and deliver customizable procurements and preparation.
  3. We are experts in domestic and international shipping with quality and availability guaranteed
  4. If you need it (and it's possible), we can get it to you!


Complete the form to the right and a Science Care Client Services Representative will contact you to listen to your specific needs and goals and help to design solutions that fit your program. If you prefer to reach us by phone, please call 800 590 8132 or (1) 602 288 0047.

Whether you are looking for worldwide delivery of human tissue specimens, customized specimens for your research lab, or full-service events management we will collaborate to support you and help your work shine. 

For more information about our services, please visit research.sciencecare.com

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